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The Hunger Tamer is “Okumkom” in the TWI language. Chef Sonia grew up in Ghana under the watchful eyes and caring hands of her maternal grandmother. Making Kenkey, soups, sauces and other delicacies with her grandmother leading her at the tender age of nine (9) year and, often during the wee hours of

the night is how she got started.

Though it always gave her joy to feed people, building a business in the food industry was not a consideration. However, after 25 years in the corporate world and countless catering assignments, she couldn’t resist the call. So in December, 2017, Okumkom, LLC (Dba: The Hunger Tamer) was officially launched.

Chef Sonia felt the need to fill a great void in the community among lovers of African food. “The complaint was always about the long wait for food and lack of customer service.” She said. She knew she could leverage her corporate experience as well as her extensive background in recipe development

to serve her clients well.

Chef Sonia also wanted to be the first African restaurant in the area to offer an open-kitchen concept. A layout that allows diners open view of the entire kitchen so one can see meals being made fresh right before him/her.

She signed a five (5) year lease together with her husband of 32 years. She announced to her children….her two most supportive people and they gave their blessing.

Little did she know it would take eight (8) months to remodel and get permits approved from the county’s Health Department, the Fire Marshal and the Occupancy office. On Sunday, July 1, 2018, a great and festive grand opening got underway. She expected about 200 hundred guests……over four hundred showed up.

She offers all sorts of fantastic Ghanaian/West African cuisine. Jollof, Stewed Goat or Grilled Chicken is one of the all-time favorites. You can find hot Bofrot (Puff-Puffs) or mouth-watering Meat, Fish or Veggie Pies. A fun and exciting menu, overall.

She is grateful to the countless clientele that has supported her over the years and, especially, since she opened her doors.

Chef Sonia says The Hunger Tamer is only the beginning as she has many other ideas for the future.

Authentic African food is what we do best. We start with the best ingredients we can find and top it of with spices sourced directly from parts of Africa to give you the taste just like back home. 



"Ghanaian/West African cuisine. Jollof, Stewed Goat or Grilled Chicken one of the all-time favorites. You can find hot Bofrot (Puff-Puffs) or mouth-watering Meat, Fish or Veggie Pies. A fun and exciting menu, overall..."

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